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It’s important to keep the chimney fully clean regardless what type of gas is burnt on it. The National Fire Protection Agency and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend homeowners to examine their fireplaces at least once annually. If you’re one of those people that overlook this necessary endeavor, companies supplying chimney cleaning services might be helpful.

Ladies in their silks and satins weren’t likely to say to themselves, ‘I really must get an introduction to that irresistible chimney masonry repair. I’m sure that underneath all that soot lives a veritable prince’.

Another area of your chimney which will need to be inspected is the crown. The crown is largely responsible for keeping water and other debris out of the interior of your chimney. If it is cracked or damaged in some way, then it will be unable to perform this important task.


An expert will check for such things as a buildup of dirt, grime, creosote, and other chemicals that can be a hazard. Don’t rely on cleaning logs; they can’t do the job a professional can do.

Choices can be overwhelming, ranging from small, inexpensive fans to huge turbo charged units. You need to make the selection based upon what you really need, factoring in your budget, your decor and how your home is constructed.

Once you have assessed what you need then you will need to do research. This is when you check out the credentials of your prospects, look at their work history and even check references. You want to hire the best so going solely by price is not advised. With enough information about each candidate you will be able to compare your choices and make the best decision for you. After you have established that the candidates are qualified and will do a good job it is okay to look at price and see which one meets your budget the best.